Friday, May 4, 2012


"We know that people want to be loved
not for what they are, 
but for what they appear to be.
So we have created a line of masks
that have the texture, warmth and smell 
of living human beings.
A customer can have any face she wants;
every face is unique and lasts a lifetime.
She can wear her artificial face to the grave".

Now that was a excerpt from Venus, a cosmetics manufacturer, and one of the 7 most powerful individuals in the world introduced in Alejandro Jodorowsky's cult psychedelic film The Holy Mountain (1973). If you haven't watch it, you must! This films is filled with symbolism, so I wont attempt a ridiculous simple description of it here. But I'll give you this: The introduction of Mars, the weapons manufacturer. It is equally brilliant in it's use of satire! And it's amongst my favorite scenes of the movie as well.

"...we have psychedelic shotguns, grenade necklaces...."

Intrigued? I sure hope so!

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