Friday, May 11, 2012

Franz Schubert- Trio in E-Flat

So, my favorite director will always be Stanley Kubrick. My favorite movie, Barry Lyndon. It's just... art! My favorite scene, this one, when Barry and Lady Lyndon kiss for the first time. The pace of it, combined with Schubert's Trio, is pure magic. Such elegance. Then again, it's Kubrick! Check it out:

The Kiss

And... I'm bringing all this up because I was watching The Hunger (1983) for the first time tonight, and oh surprise, Trio in E-Flat makes an appearance in this film as well. Catherine Deneuve + David Bowie + Schubert [+ Bauhaus + Susan Sarandon + amazing early 80's styling]... can this movie get any better?!!

Ok I couldn't find the exact scene
but you get the idea...

Finally, here's a version of Schubert's Trio
with WAY better sound quality. Enjoy!

Suddenly I feel like such a grownup, 
posting about classic music and all...

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