Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Always the romantic...

My presence around these parts may be on the scattered side these days, but I wasn't going to miss the opportunity of putting together a super-duper-hyper romantic post for Valentines. Even if I'm single, and a bit of a cynic sometimes, it doesn't mean I don't like celebrating lovey-dovey stuff.

So... here are some of my favorite scenes and couples from all time!

When you remember someone entering
your life in slow-motion...

♥ Margot & Richie ♥

The statement:

Ewan McGregor: 
The love of my life!

"Just as you are"

The big gesture:
♥ Joel & Clementine 
The love you wont easily forget:
♥ Penny Hearts Russell ♥
The subtle, impossible love:
The best story: 
Great Expectations
The quote:
The classic:

In the end...

And the best love scene goes to.....
(Couldn't embed) 

May your day be full of chocolates, or flowers, 
or whatever's your heart's desire....
Happy V-Day!


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