Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LFW Spring 2012

I must confess that the Fashion Week that I always enjoy the most is London. Collections tend to be more daring, designers seem to have a lot more fun, and there's a constant explosion of colors and prints. Everything's just, in essence, cool. What's not to love. Here are some of my favorite looks:

As I was saying on my NYFW Post, I do love a good print mashup. And this collection provides some great ones. As usual, Ashish, I love you! I mean, these prints bring to mind digital collages: cutting and pasting images of flowers on top of animal prints... fantastic! The collection also takes me back to those obscure early days of my adolescence, in the mid-nineties, when sunflowers where the thing, for like a minute. Do you remember this too, or is my mind finally playing tricks on me? And while on the subject of the nineties, I love the grungy feel of these looks as well. I'm curious about one thing though: Why are Ashish's collections never included on Style.com?!
Burberry Prorsum
I'm usually a lot more excited about stuff coming from younger labels. Instead of the mainstream luxury brands. But then Mr. Bailey goes and designs a collection as graphic as this, and it makes me glow (like in the dark) with glee. You had me at Tribal + Brit. The color palette is also incredible, although it speaks more Fall than Spring to me. But whatever.
And... amazing parkas. Je suis impressionné.
Parkas will be the thing in Spring 2012,
so of course, BP had this in the bag.
I specially love these 2 short ones:
Christopher Kane
Delicate and graphic; digital and hand-made. Opposites do attract in this collection. The appliqués are gorgeous, bringing life into the otherwise simple shapes. And (!) here's another digital-collage type of print (flowers), as with Ashish, but on top of sheer fabrics. Like flower printouts glued on top of vellum. Nice and clever stuff.
Metallicly-speaking, it seems to me that this collection is a perfect continuation of Christopher Kane's Resort 2012. And by continuation I mean: lots more Sci-Fi fashion to choose from. Particularly fitting for attending events such as... celebrating the Blu-Ray launch of Interstella 5555. Yeah, you heard me, all that electronic goodness now in Hi-Def! But back to the clothes, the whole show felt more haute couture than RTW; and the laser-cut dresses and skirts are like little pieces of art in themselves.
Jonathan Saunders
I just love how laid-back and feminine this collection is. Saunders is a master in print-creation, and always uses just the right combination of colors. The pastels in these looks are a visual delight.
Marios Schwab
This bathing-suit is just to cool to handle. I can stare at it all day long.
It even has a triangle! I feel like writing a Haiku for it:
Negative shapes
Triangle in my waist
Like a pyramid of light
Floating in the dark
(Ok maybe I should leave poems to poets)
But also... my aspirational-me wants to look like this every day. A girl out of a film noir. Or a style-consious witch. I even dyed my hair a darker shade of brown as a first step to getting there. Now if I could only get those dresses... Sheer fabrics, sequins and black: perfection!
Matthew Williamson
Just cool. So cool. Like Brit-girl cool.
And have you seen the turquoise + red pumps?!
Meadham Kirchhoff
MK are always the highlight of fashion month for me. I sometimes go back to their S2011 collection, like you would with a favorite movie or book. Why I <3 them so much? Lets see: Making the unfashionable fashionable, check; using nostalgia, check; always putting on a show, check; creating outrageous clothes and looks, check; using Hole as inspiration and reference, check. I could go on you know... This collection feels like a pastel-colored milkshake between a Burton-esque Carnival and Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, but crazier. Maybe the movie would've been even better if the cast was dressed like this!
Do you remember Regina George's cut-out tee? Ha! 
The cardigan on the right is awesome.
I could buy and wear this entire collection. It's so relaxed and urban. And cool, it's just so cool. Period. Plus, it has all the it elements of the season: shear long skirts and dresses, parkas, and platforms. Someone did her homework.
Ashish images via Londonfashionweek.co.uk
all other images via Style.com

A post on MFW will follow

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