Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Metallics, neon green shoes and all the colors of the rainbow... what's not to love!? Not to mention all the perfect party dresses included in this collection. Aren't they just perfect for going to, say, the next Interstella 5555 concert? What about a Rainbow Brite soirée? Both very valid choices as far as summer events go, of course.

This collection is the most exciting I've seen since, well, Kane's neon-infused S/S 2012 one. So I'm really liking were his style is going. And I'm so in love with it that I almost included every single look here. But for the sake of curbing my Interstella-turn-fashion enthusiasm, here are my favorite ones:

I mean, is there anything more gorgeous 
than this metallic pink gown?!
And a little soundtrack for the collection...