Monday, June 6, 2011

Dancing Chanel

I know I said that my next post would be about a couple of really exciting interactive projects I found recently, but that'll just have to wait another day, since this really cool Chanel Short Film for Vogue TV got in my way. And I fell in love. I have a very soft spot for collage you know...

Dancing Chanel S/S'11

Directed by fashion film-maker Quentin Jones to promote the brand's S/S 2011 collection, the short uses collage and animation techniques just like in its previous one, Particuliere (also by Jones), created for AnOther last year. 3 minutes is a looong time for web videos, specially considering that so many Fashion Films can be so pretentious and stiff, but this one manages to keep your undivided attention- every second of it! Great design wins once again! Yay. This goes to show that a brand doesn't have to be so serious all the time to communicate luxury. The way I see it, originality is luxury.

Chanel Minnie!

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