Friday, May 13, 2011

Playlist Friday: Blur vs. Oasis

First things first: I could easily end up adding both groups' entire discography, but that'd just make a hot mess out of everything. So for the sake of simplicity, it'll just be 3 songs against 3. No need to act the music connoisseur (eusse) here. We all know the songs and we all have our favorites, right? Here are some of mine:

Now for the important part:
Who did you grow up drooling for the most?
Liam or Damon
(Sorry, forgot where the photos came from)

Me: I grew up being totally obsessed with Oasis, 
so... Liam!

As far as stats go: I saw 0 Blur concerts (although I would've kill to see them live). On the other hand, I went to 3 Oasis shows and met them one morning on a Paris Metro station. They were shooting for the cover of their Heathen Chemistry album. I got their autographs. Liam wrote: To Denisse Love Liam (with a little ♥ to dot the I). Best metro ride ever!

Coffee and TV is one of my favorite videos ever...
 So let's begin with Blur


Have a great weekend everyone!

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