Friday, April 8, 2011

Playlist Friday

Another batch of 90's greats. I'm on a roll here, although I'm not so sure if these songs mix well, but here they are...

You know, I was a teenager in the 90's, and back then if you wanted to see your favorite music videos "on demand" you basically had to record them. So I grew up with MTV on ALL the time... ahh, the good days of MTV! I had always a tape ready on my VCR and when a video that I liked came up, I would run, jump, sprint, to push on the Record button. Whatever got the job done. Man, it was hard work! But of course dedication comes from love, and I always loved music and great videos... So as you can imagine, I have a HUGE collection of tapes somewhere filled with music videos, MTV Europe Music Awards, VMA's, Unplugged Sessions and concerts. I guess I was always a content hoarder. And by the way, I did grow up to work in MTV in NY. Dedication people, dedication! these are all great memories!


  1. one is the ringtone in my mobile
    another is my favorite song
    gregg is one of my idols
    i must dance every time i one the above plays
    but why did mark start appearing on extra
    he is a serious basket case

    love, kody

  2. * i must dance every time one of the above plays