Friday, April 15, 2011

Playlist Friday: 90's Rock

The 90's Revival Part 3:
The zeitgeist edition! According to me and me only of course. Since you'll find no Nirvana or Pearl Jam in here, just 'cause I was never really a fan of grunge. But Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are DO deserve a very special place in a 90's rock playlist on some other blog.

You know, growing up in South America [and being a girl], I think I was supposed to be into all that latin pop crap that my friends would listen to. I guess I didn't get the memo. In turn, since very young, I fell completely and forever in love with bands such as Aerosmith and Oasis. Two of my top 3 all-time favorite bands. And obsessively learning the lyrics to ALL their songs was probably one of the main reasons why my english got so good so quick. Hey, if I was going to love it, I might as well really get it, right?

The 90's was such a great decade for rock fans... 
So here's a small selection of that:

On Lenny: He's so damn hot with his 70's rocker style! A breath of fresh air when everything was grunge (I've always been more of a glam girl). On Crazy: Such a quintessential 90's video, what else can I say?! On Oasis and Blur: I just decided that they deserve a Playlist Friday of their own, so next week's will be Oasis vs. Blur! Stay tuned. On 1979: They had me at "Freaks and ghouls"On Jakob Dylan: I was set on marrying him. On Red Hot Chili Peppers: I love them violently. They are fantastic live. Anthony makes my knees go weak. On Foo Fighters: I saw them live in Paris ages ago, during their One by One tour, and is still today one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Dave Grohl is amaaaazing!

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