Friday, April 1, 2011

London Technicolor

Just a tad bit too late... just a second too late hehe, but here they are: My favorite looks from London Fashion Week. Before the images rot in the fridge of my computer...

London's is the Fashion Week that I'm always the most excited about, since it is usually the one where designers get to have the most fun. And amongst my favorite designers are Giles Deacon, Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Saunders, Meadham Kirchhoff, Christopher Kane and Ashish. Although this season Deacon, Ashish and Williamson were sorta disappointing, according to me and me only. And Ashish is (or used to be?) my absolute favorite... so I kind of lost it after that, and retrieved into my imaginary safe place were all things are neon-colored and sequined and prints abound.

I still need to gather the patience and mental strength to check out the collections that came from Milan and Paris. Maybe by summer I'll finally finish posting them.... Maybe.... Maybe never.

Jonathan Saunders
A master in prints, Saunders' collection 
was full of bold colors and graphics. 
Just the way aha aha I like it...

Christopher Kane
It's quite clever and powerful, I think, to create garments that can evoke memories. The way that food or scents can. This collection (the glittery technicolor liquid-jelly bits) brings me back to those far away days of school. With pencil cases full of that multicolored liquid and spacing off in the middle of class playing with it, of course. I think I even had a place mat from Sanrio and Disney cups filled with The Little Mermaid characters moving inside that liquid magic. So I can very well imagine myself spacing off from adult conversations while playing with my Kane dress' trims. Like Charlie Sheen says: Plan Better! 

And remember, nostalgia is a BIG thing right now...
I mean... look at this clutch. Simply brilliant!
I want you bad! Come to me 
liquid-jelly beautiful thing

Peter Pilotto & Erdem
I kind of like where these 2 skirt looks are going... Pilotto's is like an avant-guarde version of a Marc Darcy, while Erdem's print is so nice 

Meadham Kirchhoff
There was definitely a witchy rag-doll vibe to this collection, with hints of 90's Courtney Love and Hole here and there. So what's not to like? And in a way it feels like the opposite from their S/S 2011 one -which remains one of my faves of all times- with B&W hair instead of multicolored, and a more strict color palette of black, red and white. Maybe there's a little bit of Pilgrim inspiration in there as well. Scarlet letter? or a grunge Salem witch. Either way.... this is good stuff. Plus I love the use of a neon orange lipstick. I used to have one like that... and just realized it's lost, or worse, stolen. So I'm in morange mourning.

Mean and meaner...




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