Sunday, February 20, 2011

New York Fashion Week

Here are my favorite moments from 
NYFW's A/W 2011 collections:

museum in London and the Ormsby-Gore sisters,
this collection was all about Hippie-Glamour!
I'd simply love to wear that 1st look straight out 
of the runway, and the black tights are beyond cool
 And the cat hats... they are so adorable
I hope she sells them

I haven't been his biggest fan lately, but this 
last collection was full of great surprises. 
Everybody's raving about the outwear (including the 
jacket-poncho hybrids), and yes, they're so badass. 
But for me it was all about the furry sunglasses 
...and the leg-warmers!

My favorite collection so far!
Love the contrast between the feminine 60's-inspired 
shapes, and the amazingly bright color combinations.
 Definitely a smart use of a print. 
Since it is the same one used on every piece,
but somehow it never seems repetitive
And I believe that the tights and shoes totally make 
the looks. They could've looked too serious or 
grownup had they used another kind of shoes.
I'm so in love. I'll probably get them!

My fave looks from this collection came in B&W,
and again... theres a focus on tights with prints!
I see a trend approaching...
 And for me it was all about the boots!

 An amazingly fun and cool collection, focused on 
digitally re-mastered prints inspired by Santa Fe
and Native American patterns.
These dresses are going to be the 'it' items 
of the season. Just you wait and see, they'll 
make an appearance on EVERY publication! 
No tights here, but still, 
lots of prints on the leg area...

So what have we learnt today? 
Bright colors remain. Yay. Lots of prints. Yay.
And we'll need to get some badass tights.

Next Stop: LONDON!!

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