Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feeding the Murray

I have THE BIGGEST book-crush! Feeding the Murray is a graphic novel by illustrator Jim Stoten. Reading his brief Bio on Big Active, I found out that over the last couple of years his work has featured in commissions for clients such as MTV, Habitat, Levi's and Urban Outfitters. Not too bad ha? Also, his style reminds me a little bit of the work created by Seymour Chwast back in the sixties, or even the illustrations in Yellow Submarine, by Heinz Edelmann. Except the colors, which are totally like the original Word color choices for highlighting... and I love every second of it! Since we all know I have a soft spot for bright bright colors. It's sold out by the way, so I'll be praying and doing the rain dance for a re-print meanwhile...

Cover and spreads from the book:
 Other work I liked...


  1. thank you for scanning and posting the images from the book. I couldn't get to see it otherwise.

    Such explosion of color and inspiration!! Thank you dear


  2. Yes Im really loving this book. Although I did not scanned it. You can find everything here: http://www.bigactive.com/illustration/jim-stoten/graphic-novel/feeding-the-murray