Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eat Cake For Breakfast

I've been on a blogger-hiatus for the last week and a half, partly because I've been busy designing what would be my future little brand. And by busy I mean sucked into it completely. And also because I've been totally uninspired to write about anything I've seen lately, being this past week the dead-zone of all fashion news. The quiet before the storm. Because finally Fashion Month begins tomorrow in New York. So I'm definitely back!

Which reminds me....

So I will leave you with a little discovery from yesterday. I was reading this article on Mashable on Why Fashion's Top Brands Are Flocking to Tumblr, where basically they talked about Kate Spade's presence across all social media platforms. Now, I didn't know the brand had a YouTube channel. And I definitely didn't know they have been creating short films. Me... the Fashion Film connoisseur and I didn't know?? Things where looking up all of a sudden. 

And the thing is that since I come from a graphic design background, and what I love to do is branding, I usually end up really liking some brands just because of their image and communication. Or premise. And such is the case with Kate Spade for me. I may not really know what her latest collection is, or may not care for her bags, but I sure have always loved her ad campaigns and her retail identity. They are always just so cute, and colorful, and even a little naïve: The perfect New England "aspirational lifestyle"... or something along those lines.

Kate Spade Ad. 2010
New York Store Design
All created by Partners & Spade

And coming back to my original point... 
Here are some of the KS short films I discovered:
So adorable right?!
And there are loads of other little videos 

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