Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hotel Chevalier

Since on the subject of yellow...
Here's a short film by Wes Anderson, featuring Natalie Portman and Jason Schwartzman. The Hotel Chevalier was meant to act as a prologue to Anderson's 2007 The Darjeeling Limited.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Yellow Conspiracy

Or yellow conspirator? Either way, yellow is everywhere on the A/W 2011 collections. And we're only half way through.

 Marc by Marc Jacobs
  J.W. Anderson
  Jeremy Scott
 Proenza Schouler
The Rodnik Band
Holly Fulton

The future looks... bright?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New York Fashion Week

Here are my favorite moments from 
NYFW's A/W 2011 collections:

museum in London and the Ormsby-Gore sisters,
this collection was all about Hippie-Glamour!
I'd simply love to wear that 1st look straight out 
of the runway, and the black tights are beyond cool
 And the cat hats... they are so adorable
I hope she sells them

I haven't been his biggest fan lately, but this 
last collection was full of great surprises. 
Everybody's raving about the outwear (including the 
jacket-poncho hybrids), and yes, they're so badass. 
But for me it was all about the furry sunglasses 
...and the leg-warmers!

My favorite collection so far!
Love the contrast between the feminine 60's-inspired 
shapes, and the amazingly bright color combinations.
 Definitely a smart use of a print. 
Since it is the same one used on every piece,
but somehow it never seems repetitive
And I believe that the tights and shoes totally make 
the looks. They could've looked too serious or 
grownup had they used another kind of shoes.
I'm so in love. I'll probably get them!

My fave looks from this collection came in B&W,
and again... theres a focus on tights with prints!
I see a trend approaching...
 And for me it was all about the boots!

 An amazingly fun and cool collection, focused on 
digitally re-mastered prints inspired by Santa Fe
and Native American patterns.
These dresses are going to be the 'it' items 
of the season. Just you wait and see, they'll 
make an appearance on EVERY publication! 
No tights here, but still, 
lots of prints on the leg area...

So what have we learnt today? 
Bright colors remain. Yay. Lots of prints. Yay.
And we'll need to get some badass tights.

Next Stop: LONDON!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I heart this old ad! This is exactly the sort of thing that I love about Moschino. The sunglasses on the other side, not so much...

Moschino 2004 Campaign
Featuring Heather Marks

Did you know that Franco Moschino began his fashion career in 1971, working as a sketch artist for Gianni Versace
...I didn't know that either...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cher's Digital Closet

I've been pretty chilled the last couple of weeks. Just going out on dinners with friends, and watching movies. That sort of wintery thing. Maybe it has to do with me partying like crazy since I moved to Madrid? Hmmm... So I'm taking a little break.

And last Saturday I stayed in watching Clueless, which I hadn't seen in ages and was one of my fave movies from when I was like 13. I used to go to sleep every night with it. So, as you can probably imagine, I pretty much know all the script by heart! And I did learn who Alaïa is thanks to Cher. I'll give her that.

So do you remember this scene? 

Back then it looked like the height of [non-existent] girl technology. Sci-Fi. But now, some 15 years later, there's probably an App out there to do just that. And we all know how much girls love to share their mood-boards on Polyvore, and their outfits on social media sites like Chictopia these days.

We are used to touch screens, thanks to iPhones and iPads, and you can already try on any outfit, watches and even sunglasses, from the safety of your laptop via Augmented Reality. In 2010 there were hundreds of articles about AR technology. This is one recent example: Is It Curtains From Changing Rooms?

So I guess dear Cher would've had an awesome time in 2011. And thank God we outgrew those giant computer screens! And by the way, these are my all time favorite quotes from the movie:

Mel: What the hell is that?
Cher: A dress!
Mel: Says who?
Cher: Calvin Klein


Cher: Oh no, you don't understand, this is an Alaïa
Mugger: An awhatta?

Here's a little video about Clueless' fashion:


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eat Cake For Breakfast

I've been on a blogger-hiatus for the last week and a half, partly because I've been busy designing what would be my future little brand. And by busy I mean sucked into it completely. And also because I've been totally uninspired to write about anything I've seen lately, being this past week the dead-zone of all fashion news. The quiet before the storm. Because finally Fashion Month begins tomorrow in New York. So I'm definitely back!

Which reminds me....

So I will leave you with a little discovery from yesterday. I was reading this article on Mashable on Why Fashion's Top Brands Are Flocking to Tumblr, where basically they talked about Kate Spade's presence across all social media platforms. Now, I didn't know the brand had a YouTube channel. And I definitely didn't know they have been creating short films. Me... the Fashion Film connoisseur and I didn't know?? Things where looking up all of a sudden. 

And the thing is that since I come from a graphic design background, and what I love to do is branding, I usually end up really liking some brands just because of their image and communication. Or premise. And such is the case with Kate Spade for me. I may not really know what her latest collection is, or may not care for her bags, but I sure have always loved her ad campaigns and her retail identity. They are always just so cute, and colorful, and even a little naïve: The perfect New England "aspirational lifestyle"... or something along those lines.

Kate Spade Ad. 2010
New York Store Design
All created by Partners & Spade

And coming back to my original point... 
Here are some of the KS short films I discovered:
So adorable right?!
And there are loads of other little videos 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feeding the Murray

I have THE BIGGEST book-crush! Feeding the Murray is a graphic novel by illustrator Jim Stoten. Reading his brief Bio on Big Active, I found out that over the last couple of years his work has featured in commissions for clients such as MTV, Habitat, Levi's and Urban Outfitters. Not too bad ha? Also, his style reminds me a little bit of the work created by Seymour Chwast back in the sixties, or even the illustrations in Yellow Submarine, by Heinz Edelmann. Except the colors, which are totally like the original Word color choices for highlighting... and I love every second of it! Since we all know I have a soft spot for bright bright colors. It's sold out by the way, so I'll be praying and doing the rain dance for a re-print meanwhile...

Cover and spreads from the book:
 Other work I liked...