Saturday, January 22, 2011


As I was checking out Blu's stop-motion graffiti on YouTube the day before yesterday, a couple of Tim Burton-inspired videos started to pop up. What where these short stories I wondered?... So a few Wiki-links afters, this is what I found out:

When Tim Burton graduated from CalArts in 1979, he found his first job at Walt Disney Productions' Animation Studio. Although, needless to say, his artistic tastes weren't quite aligned with that of the Disney house style. Surprise, surprise. But whilst working there, he created his first short, Vincent, in 1982. A stop-motion film based on a poem written by himself, which depicted a boy who fantasizes about being the horror movie star Vincent Price.

And about Burton's poems... I also learnt that he had written and illustrated an entire book of children's poetry, titled The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories, back in 1997. And if you know anything about Burton... you can easily imagine how these mini stories are full black humor and "special" characters. Special being an euphemism. With titles such as Roy, the Toxic Boy, Voodoo Girl and The Boy with Nails in His Eyes. Brilliant. Dark and twisty?... Oh yes!

And yes, all the other Tim Burton-inspired videos I found on YouTube are based on the poems from this book. Although none of them are done by him.

In short: It's on my Amazon cart! But really do check this link containing all the poems!

The Book