Thursday, January 20, 2011

Street Art & Animated Graffiti

I finally saw Exit Through the Gift Shop the other day, directed by brilliant british street artist Banksy, and it was fantastic... even hilarious at times. Specially with the whole Mr. Brainwash character, that I still can't figure out how real this person is...

Well, hoax or no hoax, mockumentary or not, it was great to see other renown street artists like Space Invaders (who's little mosaics I have been searching for, and finding, since my days in NY) and Shepard Fairey, a.k.a the OBEY guy, in action.

If you haven't yet seen it... What are you waiting for??


Space Invaders
Invader in Paris. 2007
(All images from artists' websites)

I also wanted to show you another great street artist:

He goes by the name of Blu, comes from Italy, and creates these amazing stop-motion graffiti animations. Or as he calls it: Animations painted on public walls. Awesome. He has been busy, during the the past few years, creating large-scale graffiti everywhere from Berlin, to Milan, to Lisbon, to Buenos Aires. And the drawings are just so cool and unique! I need to go hunt some of his work around Europe soon...

Pages from Blu's website

And here are some of my favorite animations:
...they are truly insane!!

Also check out his Vimeo channel

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