Thursday, January 13, 2011

Electro Luxe

This is what the Hermes windows have been 
looking like for the past month in Madrid

Ah! Finally some good old electro inspiration! I could bring my iPod with my fave Tiga songs and just sit in front of this store, and have my own private party. Ok maybe not quite so. Although this multicolored light design did remind me of the 2manydjs set during SLWXMS last December...

...and it got me thinking of other 
electro-fab recent discoveries...


The most random of collaborations... Seriously! 
Created by designer Max Kibardin x Chicks On Speed

Ehm... If you've ever felt the need to bring your electric guitar with you to animate an after, well these are the perfect shoes for you! The first ever wireless high-heeled shoe guitar. Or was it guitar shoes? Either way, I'm sure trying to play them will get you noticed! In whatever weird or compromising position that may be...

The girls from Chicks on Speed have been showing them around as a part of their Objeckt Instrument Project in different art exhibitions during 2010, such as "It's not only Rock and Roll Baby" in Milan, and at the Dundee Contemporary Arts. The shoes, alongside other musical hybrids, are all documented in their latest book: Chicks on Speed: Don't Art Fashion Music. Which of course I'm planning to buy just out of general curiosity.

The Shoes
The Book
Spreads from (COS): Don't Art Fashion Music

Want to know more about Chicks on Speed?
Check out this video:
[Incidentally, these shoes also remind me of this song]

And my other discovery was...

BROKENFAB is the brainchild of textile and graphic designer Fabienne Morel, and it specializes in the creation of Disco, Boogie, Synth, Funk, Techno and Electro inspired hand-beaded jewelry. So at the very least... I think I like her a lot! Since I'm also into 'unconventional' textiles. And partying. And neon colors.

Fabienne a.k.a Brokenfab with her creations:

These pieces are just perfect for all your 
neo-hippie, psychedelic party needs!

And by the way... Miss Morel also designed
And if you've been reading this blog....
you must already know how much I Ashish

All this talk about neon colors, dance and electro... 
Also makes me think of Invisible Light
the new song by Scissor Sisters
...Which is sorta-kinda crazy...
So I'm adding a few stills worth looking at further
 Tee design by SO-ME via Coolcats

It's funny how one window display can make
you think of so many other things...
Thank you Hermes. I guess.