Saturday, January 15, 2011

Balmain & Oliver Peoples

Well... what can I say that I haven't already last season. Bla bla bla new Fashion Films of the season, bla bla bla. Yes something along the lines of that. Not that I'm not excited about these new finds. And that as soon as Fashion Month begins, a whole new batch of films will surely pop out from all the corners of the web. Yes, exciting! Specially now that I'm WAY more knowledgeable about everything concerning fashion online (I haven't been blogging this long for nothin'), so this time I'll be looking for more 'Indie Fashion Films'... meaning short films coming from lesser know young brands. Let's see what I'll be able to find.

For the meantime, these are my first finds: 

Created by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. This is basically the 'behind the scenes', or the 'making of' of the brand's Fall/Winter 2010-11 ad campaign. This little sub-genre of Fashion Films tends to be the most common one. Well, it is the easiest to produce after all (-$$!). YSL has made an entire online + offline experience out of its Manifestos (also created by Dutch duo Lamsweerde + Matadin), and it is also the focus of SHOWstudio films, created by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben. Who always deliver the most amazing videos, just out of super clever editing and imposing music. No narrative needed there.

Back to Balmain, what I really like about Everglade is that it goes a little bit beyond... as it includes these surrealistic illustrations interacting with Kate, created by artist Jo Ratcliffe. So it makes me think of MGMT videos (think KIDS)... and that's always a good thing!


The other film comes from Oliver Peoples. As part of their 2011 campaign. This short film is simply delish. The latin tune (Brindo: Sang by Banhart), the lazy sunny souther-California afternoon. It was directed by photographer Lisa Eisner, and includes the real-life ultra cool couple: Venezuelan-born Devendra Banhart and girlfriend Rebecca Schwartz. Who by the way is so gorgeous!

And that's just it... all other Oliver Peoples advertising campaigns have included what I like to call the Wes Anderson school-of-cool approved kids. 2009 campaign had Zooey Deschanel on Catch a Tuesday, while last year's had Shirley Manson and Elijah Wood. Do I need to say more??? Both short films where directed by Autumn de Wilde. And they are so compelling.... just because they are so unique. Yes they show the sunglasses, but in return these Oliver Peoples Films give you an entire class in effortless coolness. The Rainbow House 2011
and The Children are Bored on Sundays 2010


  1. Both Balman and Moss are not my favorite, but i must give it to them, they deserve nothing but respect for all these years.

    Are gonna watch the Golden globe tonight? I can't wait. Hope Portman wins


  2. Exactly!

    No I was trying to find a live feed to watch the show, but couldn't find it : ( So I guess I'll watch the upload tomorrow...