Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mackness Madness

Decisions, Decisions... 
Next Year's Party Calendar:
A good friend (D) is already trying to convince me of going to Coachella with her, and if you see the lineup, well, you don't need much convincing: It is pretty AMAZING! Just one problem, it's in California and I'm in Spain... an itsy-bit far I would say. Not that I wouldn't go all the way around the world to see Daft Punk again (pun not intended... oh who am I kidding, totally intended! lol), or wouldn't kill to see Bowie, Justice, Led Zepp and Jamiroquaijust to name a few. And maybe Blur and Gorillaz will be there too. Oh... and Crystal Castles, and Soulwax, and Digitalism... 
Yeah, amazing!!

Then there's my unused ticket to Miami, so maybe I could fly in for the WMC in March, although I've already been to a couple of those and it's so 2007. I know I will be going to Berlin for sure early next year, to listen to a lot of great music (finally) and party with great friends (most importantly). Then there's Barcelona... I might head down there early on January, and then back for sure in June for Sonar. Hey it's just like a 45 mins flight from here! And I do want to go back to Amsterdam, since I had such a great time there last summer! (Although the company might have played a big role on that. Hmm). And Ibiza.... I went for the first time this year, so I need to go back as a pro. No clubs, just beach parties and DC10 all the way!

And somewhere in between all that, I need to somehow finally launch my little label! Oh but I'm still so afraid that the whole thing will be a catastrophe!  : S (Not in terms of design, but in terms of management though...)

BUT... One thing I do know for sure, and it is that for any of these trips & events I would LOVE to be wearing anything Laura Mackness. She graduated in 2009 from the Central Saint Martins MA Fashion course, and has been getting a lot of press ever since her 26-piece MA collection showcased during London Fashion Week. And with good reason. Her designs have this perfect mix of quirkiness, surrealisms and minimalism. Like a Jill Sanders for girls. Or the baby brand of Jill Sanders + Tsumori Chisato? And I love her colors! Such happy colors. Her particular shade of pink was described in as Bonbon Pink. Now that's a cool pink to be!

And I just happen to think that some of her pieces would make the perfect party outfit! Specially the shirts she designed this summer in collaboration with Swedish label Weekday.

So I'll be waiting to see more of her. And hopefully wear!

Perfect Party Companion!
(The shirt, not the guy hehe)
Mackness' MA Collection A/W 2009-10
Exhibited at Central Saint Martins during LFW
February 2009
My fave look!

Pure Awesomeness!!

You can read more about Laura Mackness and her collections here and here.

So that's my aspirational list for 2011. Although maybe by making a list of it I'm already jinxing it... Whatever the case, I really hope to be wearing a Mackness shirt next year, even if it is in bed, watching YouTube vids.

What's your dream travel calendar for next year?

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