Monday, December 6, 2010

It's My BDAY & I'll Dance If I Want To

Twenty-manies have their advantages: You know so much. You dress [way] better. You've lived in many places already. You've made great friends from all over the world. School is over. You've become an expert on something. You've loved. You're wiser... And yet you're still young, still dancing the night away! ;)

...or in the words of Kate:
Harper's Bazaar March 2010

Home Works- Vogue Italia 2008
No-sign-of-age. Yet. lol
Doll's House- Vogue Italia 2008
Le Manage Enchante- Numero 2007
The Pure Wonder- Vogue Italia 2005
Columbia Road- Vogue Italia 2009
The Ecstasy- V 2002

I want cake!


  1. Happy Birthday Denisse!!!

  2. I also like garbage.
    btw though it is too late, happy bday, denisse


  3. Thank you Serena! : ) Yes Garbage is one of my fave groups from the 90s.