Saturday, December 4, 2010


Lets see... I woke up with a giant bruise on my knee, the same one I almost broke in Milan last spring [of course]; I have a very annoying blister on my finger, caused by a burn which I may or may have not inflicted myself; my abs and arms hurt like hell, hmm hey maybe it was all that dancing and jumping...? And the strap of my vintage Gucci bag totally broke, what with all that pushing and pulling going on. But getting to dance, sing and scream my heart out in front of Tiga, first row, during his entire set..... well that's just priceless! Don't you think?! Well worth the war wounds!

I had been campaigning on Facebook for SOULWAXMAS all week. Maybe my friends were already sick of all my Tiga Youtube links... And my expectations were already super high, which is dangerous sometimes, but the show last night was above and beyond! It was an AMAZING party! And my friend Alex got to see first hand what I meant when I said I was Tiga's N.1 fan. I told him at the beginng that when Tiga got up, I would jump and get us both all the way up front in a second. And I did!

Soulwax and 2manydjs were AMAZING! And Paul Chambers was incredible. Alex told me he felt like he was inside a video game hehe. Well, I was fighting my own Space Invaders little war! On high-heels, from 9 pm to 3 am. Now, that's love!

So, here are some pics. The whole show was a neon dream! And you know how much I love neon colors. Some of the pics are super blurry, but I kind of like them that way. They are like a crazy abstract electro painting. Well, I'm feeling very inspired by the whole thing...

I ♥ everyone at SLWXMS, and can't wait for next year to go again! And again, and again, and again!

Mr. Tiga in technicolor!
Blurry Madness!
Gotcha! Yay I'm on the video!!
I probably look ridiculous though...
Well... It seemed fun at the time.
Note the knot I had to make with the broken strap. lol
My mom is going to kill me!
The pictures got A LOT more stockerish, but I'm going to stop here  :S

I'm also adding some videos, from my new Youtube Channel: DMISPLACED. Where you can go and watch the rest of the vids. I'm such a nerdy and obsessive fan... I took sooo many pics and videos! You'll see. I will also be adding very soon all the videos from the Arcade Fire concert, this past November 20th. Another great show. Go Montreal!!

Here is Alex's side of the story.

I Electro!

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