Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for XMAS is....

...well let's face it, too many things!

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in over a week, but the last few days have been really crazy! To begin, last Thursday we (the Coolhunting class at IED) had to present our final project. Meaning, finals! And like with any good final, I was pretty much locked in my apartment from Sunday till Thursday, and sleep-deprived for the most part. But it was totally worth it. T and R from my group, and I, are completely in love with our project. We made a complete trend report for S/S 2011, plus created this amazing 360° communication campaign for Hawaiian Tropic España, which is the brand that sponsored the course (Meaning: We got a lot of freebies!). And I somehow managed to make the final document in InDesign (all 55+ pages), plus a presentation file. So after all that, I thought my eyes and fingers needed a much deserved break from the computer.

Also, my parents just arrived in Madrid last night for the Holidays! Which means that I have been cleaning away for the last few days. Cinderella lives! But more importantly, and as the new year approaches, I though a de-cluttering session was much in need. So I have been throwing away bag-fulls of stuff. And putting up some 'art' on the walls. I feel better already!

This is my little doll house of an apartment now: 
(With xmas lights and all)
 This is a pic from the Love Mag- Jan 2010
Good as gold!
 Mom arrived!
I'm so excited that mom and dad are here! It finally feels like xmas. I will take them around the city soon to see all the xmas lights, which are really pretty and abundant here in Madrid. And I promise I will post pics straight after, so stay tuned...

But until then, this is how Serrano looks:

And now back to my Holiday Wish List...
Well, I'm sure if I gave it a week to think about, I would most definitely end up with a very long loooong list. But just to keep things simple, these are the few things that would make me most happy now:

M/M Posters:
M/M is an amazing design studio from Paris that collaborates quite frequently with fashion and luxury brands... and I will dedicate an entire post to them in the weeks to come. But for the purpose of this post, they have a special 'xmas poster sale': Buy 2 and get the third one for free, and you can choose from their many series. From fashion to more graphic ones. They are all 250€ though. So if you feel generous, this will make me really happy! Because since last year I made the desicion that I would buy 1 art piece (limited edition posters, photograph.... cheaper things you know...) a year. Last year I got a limited edition photo from Marcel Wanders at Lumas (the one at the end of the right column here). 2011 could be all about M/M!

The Punctuation Series
(Karl Lagerfeld)
 The Alphabet
Sophie Dahl
Frankie Rayder
 Art Posters
with Liam Gillick

Or otherwise...
Still really cool for my walls and slightly cheaper (Around $100): Friends With You Posters. I can't help but being a total fan of randomness, and these posters will add a perfect touch of that to any apartment! (Yes, I'm very much into decorating these days...)

...I have also very recently decided that I want to 
have a very pop-esque apartment....
Pourquoi Pas?

On the fashion side of things:

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel 
Cherry Print T-Shirt via
J'adore Sonia Rykiel!
Roger Vivier Spring 2011
How can you not want this??
via WWD
Proenza Schouler
ANY color would do!
Venessa Arizaga
These accessories are my new obsession!


Last but not least...
 An Impossible Project polaroid camera
(Although they are all currently sold out...)

Holga + Polaroid= A match made in heaven!
How cool are these right??

....and ANYTHING Miu Miu, of course!
[And this was supposed to be the 'short' list remember?]

But do you know what would make THE BEST xmas present ever for me?... and it's free! If you would just press the little 'Follow' button on the right side column! I know you're around (Page Stats you know...), and you're just being lazy!

So I will like to wish all of you 
(and specially to my 20 beautiful followers)
 a very merry xmas 

Full of love 
and laughter
and family  
and great food 
and wine

Presents are the least important part of it in the end...
Little xmas tree created by moi

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