Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Need of Bling...

...well, or at least a really really cool ring!

Gone are the days when I used to peruse around Anna Sui's little shop of wonders in Soho, New York. I love her style, and her shop is so brilliantly designed. So cozy and magical. Her RTW can be more on the expensive side, but there where (are) so many unique little bijoux inside that you can't help but exit with one of them. Such a treat for oneself! And it is just-so-hard to find her stuff anywhere else around... (Maybe in Asia it's easier... boh)

Ahh.... but I don't live in NY anymore. And lately it has come to my attention how lazy I have become about accessories. I have basically been wearing the same ring, earrings and bracelets almost every day since September. This cannot continue!

So as a very 2010-2.0-informed-customer, I have been looking around for that perfect little ring. And from what I've been seeing, I can tell you right away that there are 3 main trends when it comes to jewelry right now: 1. Crystals and Unpolished Rocks; 2. Insects... think Bottega Veneta's scarab beetle rings; 3. Skulls, Skeletons/Bones and Tribal motives- Perfect for channeling your inner metal-head or vampy girl act. And lots and lots of gold!

And of course... Deer Antlers are EVERYWHERE this season! (Not just in jewelry).

In short: Absolutely no excuse for accessory-laziness!
Me?... I always go for the colorful and sort of whimsical pieces, so here is my short list:

My best find so far! All rings are around $350, and every stone/crystal has a special property to it. It's so new-age chic! And perfect to wear with a Christopher Kane Resort 2011 'Out of Space' print dress!

IZAR: Totally fab... and totally sold out 
Damn! This is by far my fave one
[No longer on website ;( ]
ISSA: Made out of Lapis Lazuli Stone 
Brings harmony and self knowledge
Please don't buy so I can get it!! Pleasee!
ASRIN: Made with Rainbow Fluorite Stone
Enhances spiritual development and balances the chakra
ORIN: Made with Smokey Topaz
Brings heightened awareness and clarity of mind 
And I do love hearts... Even more so black ones!
ERES: Indigo Aura Crystal
Aids spiritual communication and understanding 
All descriptions from

Christopher Kane Resort 2011
See what I mean?? Perfect match!
And gor-ge-ge-geous!  
Photos via

And while on the magical crystals subject....

Titanium Aura Crystal Rings
These crystals also claim...
"To promote creativity and assist in reading people"
[And they are much less expensive: ~$112]
Found them on Spanish Moss

Giles Deacon SS11
This jewelry collection is so quirky, 
I'm totally in love with it!

Man Trap Ring
Eek Me Bracelet
Check out Alex Loves for more info on this collection

Voltaire & Geometric Gold Rings
Nice and Simple!
[They are about £50]
22-Karat gold-plated ring. And only $95. Woot!
[Found on]
Now for some seriously fantastic jewelry...!
I found this amazing albino gator on

Mammoth Crocodile Ring
....and seriously expensive!: €1,797
I might have to wait for Santa for this one...
But it would be worth EVERY penny!

Also through Luisaviaroma:
Antique Silver Lancelot Ring: €765

If this isn't a 'conversation ring', 
then I don't know what that is...

 And a little bit more towards the fun side of things:

Design by London-based Rentaro Nishimura
A self-assembky ring made out of Laser-cut Acrylic
Inspired by the Queen of Hearts from 'Alice in Wonderland'
[Price: A very convenient £15]

Last but not least:
I might get the LOVE one just for kicks... hehe
Check out the NEIVZ website. 
They sure have a huge selection of rings, necklaces, etc...

Note: This list can also double as a What-To-Give-Denisse-For-XMAS Gift Guide!



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