Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Want Lanvin and Party...

The LanvinH&M collection finally came out today in Madrid! And like a proper fashionista (or a Lanvin fan at least!), I was all informed and prepared for the event! Only 4 stores in the entire city had the collection: Velazquez 36, Goya 81, Gran Via 32 and Gran Via 37. So very early today I headed down to the H&M in Velazquez, Barrio de Salamanca. The line, to no surprise at all, was already very very long... The first ones were probably there since 5 or 6.

Once your turn came up, you only had 15 minutes to shop. And you couldn't take 2 of the same item. When 'security' got the order to open the ropes to let a new group in... well it was sort of a murder in the dance floor situation. You had to run to get first to whatever it was you wanted to get. Fast. Fast. Fast! Ahh... women and fashion! hehe

And it was also SO sad to see how the groups that would go in before you would literally clear rack after rack... The T-Shirts were the first ones to go, no surprise there. The accessories and short dresses were also very popular. The longer tulle dresses and coats however didn't get picked by almost anyone.

Got my wrist band with my turn!
You can tell how early it is by the light in this pic...
The Die-Hards!
7:30 AM 
What would brands be without them!... ehr... us!
The Lanvin Area:
The T-Shirts: Now you see them...
...and after this group of girls you wont! 
They disappeared in less than a second...
Part of the fun for nerdy-me is to collect the oh-so-pretty bag. And boxes!
What's inside? That shall remain a surprise..!
My new motto...
And the dress bag was just the cherry on top!
I got myself a nice little black dress! Yay
[That's all I'm going to say... :)]
Can't wait to wear all my new things!!

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