Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby's 1st BDAY!

A year ago today I made my first post. Which means that Currently Misplaced deserved to have its own little Birthday celebration! Some 112 posts later... WOW!

The place: Happy Day. The cutest cupcake bakery! (And I do LOVE a good cupcake). There are 2 in Madrid, one in Malasaña area and the other one at La Latina. And the design is so cute, it has this American-retro-50's vibe.
I definitely recommend it for a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon.

Also, the Mini B-Cards you see on the first photo are the ones I created for my blog (Please note the 'production' that went into this photo! lol). It has been so much fun to give them away to new friends and contacts. They make me feel like such a professional blogger! hehe. I printed them through MOO, and I'm SO happy with the results. You should check out their website.

Red Velvet. Yum! My Fave...

A blog year does feel like forever! It's something like dog years. Where 1=3 (or something like that...). But now I cannot imagine my life without CM. I am sort of a compulsive researcher you see, so without a blog where would all those links and photos and design-focused trips go??

So I am definitely looking forward to a second round.
Thank you for following!



PS. Gracias Giula por acompañarme a celebrar el cumple del blog! Muaa


  1. COngraaatss!!!!! que vengan muchos muchos mas!!. DIonne

  2. Feliz cumple blog!!! y que sean muchos mas guapa.
    Sigue así.
    Besos.Te sigo.

  3. jaqjaja de nada!! para los dos años celebramos mesa en pacha e incluido photocall de invitados de glamour jejej

  4. Gracias chicas!
    Pues a por el 2do año!