Thursday, October 7, 2010

Valencia & Calatrava's Amazing City

The City of Arts and Sciences:
The Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències was designed by Valencian architect super-star Santiago Calatrava (and also Félix Candela) and it was inaugurated in April, 1998. Although El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia was presented much later, in 2005. (But you can read more about it here)

When I stood there, I could only think of one word: Monumental. It is HUGE, and awesome. In the true meaning of the word awesome.

My taxi driver was very enthusiastic about explaining that the top of this building- Palau de les Arts- is designed to look like an orange peel. Because, much like Florida to the USA, oranges in Spain come from Valencia (or at least from that region).
Is it me or the Palau de les Arts kind of looks like Darth Vader's helmet from here? hehe
By the way, it is at times like this that I wish I had a real camera, and that I was a real photographer...
But I do what I can : )

And some pics from the rest of Valencia...
The City Center- El Casco Antiguo- Ciutat Vella:

Mercado de Colón:
La Lonja Cathedral:
Museo Nacional de la Cerámica:
Valencia Disseny Week:
LOVE this type installation!
City Hall:
In conclusion: Valencia is a very charming city with perfect weather almost all year round (or so I was told)!
I hope you enjoyed it. 

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