Saturday, October 23, 2010

Todo o Nada

Between one thing and another, I almost forgot to mention 2 great fashion photography exhibitions that are taking place right now in Madrid. Lucky us!

The first one is Todo o Nada (All or Nothing) by Mario Testino at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. It runs from September 21, until January 9, 2011. So there's PLENTY of time for you to go. No excuses! And it is simply delicious! Maybe you have already seen many of the pics included in the exhibition on the pages of Vogue before, but it is an entirely different experience to see them in such a large scale. Trust me!

The second one, which I still haven't seen, but plan to go very very soon, is  A Message for You by Guy Bourdin. It is now [finally] up on the Sala Canal de Isabel II (Santa Engracia, 124), until January 9.

I am including some pics here as a little visual appetizer of what the exhibition might hold. Crazy/Amazing right?! You can see why he is THE fashion photographers' photographer. And by that I mean that every fashion photographer that has come after him has admired and referenced Bourdin in one way or another. Seeing these pics, it's easy to understand why, isn't it??

Also, there has been a lot of attention and buzz around Guy Bourdin lately because of last year's explosion of the 'Fashion Film phenomenon' (Yes... I'm calling it a phenomenon lol!). Where's the connection?... Bourdin was the first one to create (and therefore invent) a Fashion Film... WAY back in the 70's. A visionary! That's how they are calling him nowadays, anyways. The only problem was that while the creativity was there, there was no platform [such as the internet now] to really distribute this kind of content. At least not to the 'masses'. So his films went through the decades fairly unknown until now.
In short... can't wait to see the show!

Most pics are from Vogue [All from Guy Bourdin's website]:
But if you're far away from Madrid... you can find all his work (also his short films!) on his website:, or go to a special page SHOWstudio has created for his films. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. How Bourdin manages color is a pleasure for the eye. It adds magic to the concept of photography.

    You can´t imagine how much I miss Madrid´s art exhibits...

  2. Efectivamente!, la composicion y el color de sus fotografias son magicas! Que pena que esta exibicion se atraso y no la alcanzaste a ver! Ya te contare cuando vaya esta semana : )

  3. Espero los comentarios de la expo!