Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Discoveries

By now you might have already realized which are my favorite places to find Fashion Films: DAZED Digital (...btw its new website, launched this past September, looks fantastic!), NOWNESS, The LOVE Magazine, and of course anything made by SHOWstudio. Yet Fashion Films can be found almost anywhere these days! It's hard to keep up.

So here is a whole bunch of my latest discoveries. I love September and January because it is when all the new Fashion Films come out. Mostly. So it makes me feel like im going around the web with a cute little basket collecting all these pastel-colored cute little Easter eggs. Yes, just like Easter!... but for fashion hehe. I'm not going to comment on every film, because otherwise I will never finish this post, so just enjoy!

First though you should check the Native Son A/W 2010 Film (follow the link because I haven't been able to find it on Youtube...). It is really good! and apparently all the rage amongst menswear blogs according to another fashion-obsessed friend of mine. Thanks A! (the link goes to his Twitter page). Yeah... it's one season late, but better find it late than never! He also sent me the film from ASOS, which shows how important their own label is becoming [for them]. So branding branding branding = Fashion Film nowadays!

The Gareth Pugh one, Joi de Vivre, is also from a previous season, but I only found it recently. And loved it as usual. Again Ruth Hogben from SHOWstudio gives us an impressive little film. The repetition (sort of like spinning a record but in video), the visual rhyme, the music, the blackness, the attitude!...  I am a fan! (... and Raquel Zimermann is ALWAYS amazing!)

You know what I would like to see next?... A Fashion Film from Missoni. I would LOVE to see all their zig-zags in motion! Can I do it? Oh Please! Please!

Oh and the last one is just a sweet little surprise that I found too cute to omit!  ;)

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