Monday, August 2, 2010

Big Active

I am currently migrating to my new MAC. Which can become a very time consuming activity. For me, it is just like moving to a new apartment. What with all the folders, and files, and music, and pictures, and bookmarks, and worse- random unclassifiable stuff!

I compulsively save anything that I think is cool and inspires me. The sad part is that once you have too many of these things, you completely forget about them after a second or two. Having my own blog became the perfect solution to this problem, to tell you the truth...

So while I was trying to make sense of older bookmarks, I have been rediscovering all these cool websites that became instant favorites, say, back in 2007-2008? I am also back at home for the summer, and my room is filled with the coolest collection of art and design books. Not to mention movies. When I'm away, I swear I miss my books so much! So while I'm here, I love to go through them again. So this month will be all about rediscovering!

First stop is Big Active. An Art Direction & Design Agency from London. They have a really good selection of illustrators, and some of their music projects are, well, the sort of CDs you probably thought were totally cool when you saw them. I did. And because I tend to be a bit obsessive about knowing who does the things that I like... well I did find this website, didn't I?

So here is some graphic entertainment for you:

Art Direction- Music:

Beck/ 'The Information':

DYI Album Covers concept with Sticker Sheets included. Images for stickers where created by 20 different artists. SO COOL!
CD Package with inserted sticker sheet:Deluxe boxed CD packaging featuring all 4 sticker sheets:
Vinyl Single:
Oh I wish this CD would've come out on 2009-2010. Because then its promotion would've surely included an animated online video with all the images from the stickers! That would've been something awesome... Would've :(


Goldfrapp/'Black Cherry':
...and yes, I LOVE collage! :)

[I would also include 'Seventh Tree', with amazing photography from Serge Leblon, but I'm trying to avoid making this post a Goldfrapp music catalogue. I do love all her albums though!]

Delays/ 'Everything's The Rush':

Album Cover:

Foldout Poster Booklet:
Collectors Box:
The artwork was created by Icelandic Illustrator Siggi Eggertsson. Isn't his work amazing? Here are a few more things from him:

'Colorful Dream':
I would LOVE to see this as a textile!

Animation- 'A Growing Pile of Work':
(Not too bad for self-promotion!)


  1. Nice to see you are back in business. The Goldfrap covers are superb. Collages rule!

  2. Thanks! Yes I love them. Big Active is an amazing agency.