Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moving Window & Design

Today I just want to show you these 2 videos I recently found after some hours of internet abuse. Yes it is really HOT outside, so I'm staying close to my AC for now....

The first is a video created by Portuguese Menswear store Por Vocação (from Porto). It documents a window display they created for the SS10 Buttero sneakers. The display in itself I find quite original, but the video is also nicely shot. And obviously, through a video, more people can experience this little installation.

I have seen so many 'amateur' videos (... as in fan generated) of window displays from diverse luxury brands (Hermes and LV come to mind), but this Por Vocação video makes me wonder... In terms of In-Store installation + Online videos: Think of what Colette could do (..not to mention SO MANY brands...). Interesting right?

The second video is about 3 design companies from Catalunya: Nanimarquina- a rug 'Editora' or 'Editrice', Teixidors- a textile company, and Catalunyam!- a t-shirt brand. Created by the Barcelona Centre de Disseny (BCD), this video focuses on the relationship each of these companies have with design. Sort of a quick ABC for any design company. And whether you like the products or not, I certainly appreciate what this video is trying to teach.

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