Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kitsuné x Ponystep

If fashion is more than clothes- a lifestyle, these are 2 names that you should know. To complete your hipster-fashion world. After all, a perfectly styled outfit is not complete without a cool party to take it to, right?!

Kitsuné is a French record label led by Gildas Loaec and Masaya . And if you haven't heard any of their compilation CDs (including the Kitsuné BoomBox one mixed by Jerry Bouthier!), then you might want to start considering doing so. Like NOW. Their pop meets retro meets disco meets electro meets nintendo (So French!) style if ALWAYS fun. And cool, Paris-style!

They have also opened up a small shop in Paris at 52 Rue de Richelieu (1st Arr.), were they sell their new-ish (ok I don't exactly know since when...) clothing line: Kitsuné Parisien. This brings to mind another favorite Parisian name- Surface To Air. Which also began as something else (a Creative Direction Agency) and ended up creating an eponymous brand and opening up a shop on the 3rd Arrondissement. Pourquoi pas? I guess...

Here are some pics from Kitsuné Tee t-shirts, cool CD covers and the Shop:

Kitsuné Tee Line:
Album Covers:
The Shop: right?!

Ponystep, in turn, is more like a legendary party turned online fashion magazine. Led by Richard Mortimer... and if the name sounds sort of familiar, YES he was THE creator of the even-more-legendary [London] BoomBox club/parties. If someone is cool, no questions asked, that is him!

Why am I bringing these 2 names up? Well, a visit to both their websites will surely keep you entertained for quite a while. But most importantly, because Kitsuné and Ponystep have teemed up this summer to create a new compilation CD mixed by DJ Jerry Bouthier ( previously mentioned, he also mixed Kitsuné BoomBox back in 2007). The CD came out this past 5th of July and I can not wait for my Amazon order to arrive!

So coming back to fashion videos and that sort of thing that I love to talk about.... here is yet another great use for online videos!

The first is a short video of the photo shoot for the cover of the Kitsuné x Ponystep CD. Much like a video of the photo shoot of a season's ad campaign- YSL Manifestos for example. So yes, you can create a cool little video for almost anything these days!

The following ones, that I've just discovered now, promote each season's Kitsuné Maison compilation together with its Kitsuné Parisien collections. Quite smart! Well I guess if you are capable of producing both music and apparel, why not use them all together!

I spy a lifestyle brand! :)

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