Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Design Weekend in Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam last weekend. It was FANTASTIC! I had only been there once before: A long time ago when I was only 18 and still relatively inexperienced in terms of design, fashion, cool hunting, clubbing or anything. It was also the middle of January back then and there was a snow blizzard. In short, it wasn't that much fun....

So going back to Amsterdam (during summer time) became a MUST DO! And I FINALLY enjoyed discovering this amazing city. Walking around. Enjoying sunny days. So as always,
I cross-referenced some local friend's advice with the Wallpaper* Amsterdam City Guide (which by the way I totally recommend getting the App because the printed version was seriously not updated!) and most importantly the Amsterdam Design Guide from Style Files, the design-focused blog from Amsterdam local Danielle de Lange (which I love and read constantly).

Area around Droog Gallery- So lovely
...I think I saw this during Fuori Salone in Milano earlier this year!...
Simply awesome!
So I wont get into what you should do or where you should go because the Amsterdam Design Guide says it better than I can. If you are a design-centered person anyhow.... But DO have pancakes (they are actually more like crepes), there are places all around the city and they are SO yummy!. Also, make it your first priority to take a day to walk around the 9 Streets. It is a lovely area full of great shops and cafés. And whilst you are there, DO have lunch at LUST, and by lunch I mean get the Lust Burger. Is is one BRILLIANT burger! : ) ...and DO go to DROOG, which I think is more like a concept store than a gallery. And walk around that area afterwards.

Around the 9 Streets:
BUT..... (and this is me coming clean)
I am a HUGE fan of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. I stayed at the Mondrain Hotel in Miami last December just because he designed it. I bough (on LUMAS) a 'photo' created by him -my first real art investment!... and yes it is the image that's at the end of the right-side column on this blog. So not surprisingly, I went to Amsterdam with the secret agenda of going to Moooi's Gallery (his brand).

....I think these actions might classify me as a Wanders groupie by the way : )

And I believe the reason why I like his work and Moooi so much is perhaps the same why I like Moschino. They both share (albeit in very different ways) that same sense of fun and surrealism in their creations. And I always love to be surprised!

So here are the pics:
The showroom also had a small selection of cool designy books.
Remember the Chanel N.5 Ad that I posted back in May?.... Not so original now right? Ha!
Living room
...and I shall call her Penny!
The bunny lamp hitching a ride

If you wanna ride.... go ride the white horse : )
The table!
The spaceRetro
Imperfection = Cool
Outside colors
Down to business
The Killer Rabbit: N.1 on my To-Gift-Myself list!
Le petit couchon avec des yeux dorés. J'aime! ;)
Lamp Shade
And if you are truly a Wanders enthusiast like I am, you might be interested in staying at the LUTE SUITES during your next visit to Amsterdam. Although located in the outskirts of the city, these 7 small houses have been decorated by Marcel Wanders and have appeared many times on design publications. I will be saving up for that!

I will finish up with this Moooi Ad I found on the back of this month's FRAME. I think it is so nice and so much fun. It brings me back to what I always say '1st rule: Know your Audience'. Most readers of FRAME have to be Interior Designers and Architects, therefore these cut-out images of Moooi's products are so perfect for including in such projects. And totally in line with the brand's fun and imaginative personality!
(Special thanks to Danielle from Style Files and her Amsterdam Design Guide. You made my trip!)

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