Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mercado de San Miguel

My sis is in town on vacations so I took her around Madrid in one of my famous walking tours. Ok maybe not so famous but I'm very good at it! Anyways....we ended up at the Mercado de San Miguel (next to Plaza Mayor), which is one of my favorite places at the moment. By the way, you might not know this yet but I'm a huge foodie!

So basically it is like a small high-end version of a market. The branding (logo, signage, etc) was nicely designed and is used consistently all around, so for me that is a big plus in the experience. The architecture is beautiful. Charming. But back to the important part....the FOOD! As you go around it there are stands of everything from chocolates, to cheese, jamón, seafood (like super fresh oysters) and of course tapas. All these you can eat right there alongside a glass of wine, champagne or beer. Sounds like fun? Needless to say, the place is always full!

...You know you really are in Spain when you find yourself surrounded by people eating and drinking right in the middle of the day! Economical crisis? What crisis?!

The biggest cake ever! And free for everyone! ...To celebrate the Mercado's 1st Anniversary. This place is so much fun!

Amazing right?!

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