Thursday, May 20, 2010

'A Little Piece of Tom'

If you are looking for a new lipstick, perhaps THE perfect summer lipstick... then you should know that TOM FORD just launched his own collection of 12 Private-Blend awesome colors (with equally cool names!). Presenting a rouge-scale of tones ranging from Vanilla Suede (the lightest) to Black Orchid (obviously the darkest...). You might also want to know that this collection is produced by Estée Lauder (You can read a WWD article here).

The ad, SURPRISE SURPRISE, is super sexually charged. You just know it is a Tom Ford ad. Miles and miles away!. Also, my friend and I can already see a future in Private-Blend Nail Polish for Tom. Can you imagine the ads? I can!..... I can see red nails digging into some hot guy's back. Right?

So L and I saw the launch of this collection last weekned at LaRinascente. With walls covered with the ad (first pic). We headed straight to the Tom Ford counter. Hypnotized. In love. Well, let me tell you... they don't come cheap! But as my friend wisely said, they are 'A little piece of Tom!' lol. She ended up buying the Cherry Lush one (hot-pink!), while I waisted no time in asking for the one in the picture. By the way, if you want it to look all shinny like in the ad, you have to use some gloss on top. The sales guy kindly suggested an Estée Lauder one :)

You can follow this link to the collection's site. And see its little video/ad here.

As for me... maybe if I use my True Coral lipstick often enough, I'll end up meeting a Tom-Ford-worthy hot guy!

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