Friday, May 21, 2010

Lady Blue Shanghai

Back to my original and favorite subject: Fashion Films!

Finally here: Chapter 3 of The Lady Dior Saga. This time it takes place in Shanghai (no surprise there!). In case you haven't been following the 'saga', the first one was in Paris: The Lady Noir Affaire (the ad campaign and film). And the second one was in New York: Lady Rouge. Although for the Lady Rouge chapter Dior didn't create a short film but a music video. 'The Eyes of Mars', with music and lyrics created by Franz Ferdinand. Performed by Marion Cotillard. She actually has a great voice for rock, so the outcome was actually pretty cool. I think it was a smart collaboration.... and definitely more NY!

The Lady Noir film, directed by Olivier Dahan, had beautiful photography. It was quite impressive. A film noir. But I didn't precisely like it because it focused too much into what it seemed the whole range of Dior products. The handbag, accessories, shoes, everything! Not so 'classy' for a luxury brand I though. But I forgave it because it was created in the early days of 'fashion films' and brands were JUST beginning to figure out what to do in motion.

I have been repeating ever since that through fashion films brands have the opportunity to show so much more. Beyond product....

On the Lady Rouge 'Eyes of Mars' video, I was actually happy to see that it was less about product. More about concept and styling. The video only focuses at times on Dior's iconic pattern, which is more than enough to get the message through. On Lady Blue Shanghai, a blue Dior handbag appears in the middle of a room. As a source of mystery and magic. The protagonist in a way. It doesn't bother me at all because it has a 'part to play' in the story.

The film is trippy, mysterious, stylish and cool. While watching it for the first time, the flashback scenes reminded me so much of Mulholland Drive. Only to realize at the end that the director of Lady Blue was in fact David Lynch. Duh. Only one person can do trippy and mysterious that way. I felt like such an idiot for not knowing this beforehand! (The worst part is that this has also happened to me before: I was watching Sherlock Holmes a few months back and thinking of how much the style reminded me of Snatch. Come credits at the end and I see that Guy Ritchie directed it. Super Duh!....well, at least my instincts are on the right track...).

Were do I think the next episode of the Lady Dior Saga could take place? Well, considering that Brazil's economy is on the rise, maybe we will see Marion Cotillard around the beaches of Ipanema? Or maybe all the way up in Moscow....

The Lady Noir Affaire- Showing close-ups of all products...
Lady Rouge- Showing only the Dior pattern. More like 'The Eyes of Dior'...
Lady Rogue (song) campaing:
Lady Shanghai Blue- The blue (magic) bag:
I also happen to LOVE this shot. It is kitschy and stylish all at the same time!
Here is the Film: (Part 1 & 2)

Here is the 'Poem': (A bit too long for my online-video taste though...)

You can also see the film on

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