Saturday, May 22, 2010

ASPESI in Madrid

I read on May's Wallpaper* that ASPESI had recently opened a shop here in Madrid in Barrio de Salamanca. So of course I wrote down the address and went out to investigate.

It is located in Calle de Jorge Juan 5 (almost on the corner with c/ Serrano) inside a building's little courtyard. So it's kinda hidden. Kinda secret. If you don't know it is there, you can easily pass it by without noticing. It's like a secret [fashion] garden! (...ok I guess you get the point...). The salesgirl told me the store had opened last October.

It is actually pretty big... and GORGEOUS! I'm a Fan! Like. Like. Like! Seriously, I have rarely been charmed the way I was yesterday by a space like this. It was designed by Teresa Sapey's Architecture Studio (in Madrid). I guess I'm also a fan of hers now.

Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pics. Damn noisy camera! Damn no pictures policy! These are the times when I am in most need of my Milano dear 'Excursions Partner'!
I need to get a fashion/design-centric friend here to help me distract the salespeople while I steal some shots! Anyone up for the job??

But back to the store description: The ground floor is all women, while the bottom one is for men. But beyond the merch, the decoration is exquisite. I could really see myself living happily ever after in there. They had azulejo tiles, super bright colored rugs, large graphic artworks on the walls and chairs that could be from Moroso but aren't. There are ceiling-to-floor windows on the back of the store overlooking (guess what?) a really peaceful rose garden (ok maybe it's just a rose garden in my imagination.....but it is SO pretty!). In the center, there's also a glass door that would take you to that garden...

Charming enough for you? I will definitely be going back with an accomplice. Besides this blog, I really need to get some pics of those rugs! I need to know where they come from. Who produces them. Rugs are my personal obsession and source of continuous research. Patterns, colors, textiles. Now you know...

A 'Menina' greets you just outside the store:

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