Thursday, April 15, 2010

Milano Design Week (Part I)

Spring has finally arrived. And Design Week too. For many, the best time EVER to be in Milan. So I will be posting pictures from Zona Tortona, Fuori Salone Events and so on throughout the week.

But first, since it's Spring and the city is finally becoming green...

I love old Palazzos covered in green. Like Paradiso Perduto in Great Expectations. It's almost magical. Beautiful. And maybe quite unique to this city.

Sea of bikes. Motorinos. Is there anything more Italian than this?

And talking about city treasures.... just minutes after I took these photos I ran into Franca Sozzani. She was waiting for the green light, to cross the street, just like me. And she was in the company of her little maltese dog. What a great surprise!

The lamps are back in via Montenapoleone. And as you can see, I took pictures all through it.

Pretty in Pink : )
New Moschino window display. I'm crazy about patterns. So I'm loving the quilt. In a very nerdy way.

Beautiful creations from Cova... Yum!


  1. great photos!
    love the lamps...

  2. So beautiful street, candlelights, shops, I love it. These photos are so incredible. Follow the link, if you want to share with me your special photos.