Thursday, April 1, 2010

Martin Margiela & Interior Design...

Spring is almost here, and it feels like it's time to fly away. Or fly around. Or just fly. I have already a list of places ( Mediterranean beaches) that I want to visit this summer. But I am also a huge fan of design hotels. Hence, I'm crazy about this project:

Martin Margiela might have left his label/studio last year. But he's around. His latest project is this suite (which is an independent cabin!) called Ile aux Oiseax for luxury Spa Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux.

....I would LOVE to hide away in that cabin for an entire weekend. And the white-on-white is definitely Margiela! I'd just be WAY to scare to drink red wine in there : )

Images taken via NOWNESS

Other 2 Hotels added to my Hotels-to-visit-wish-list are: Mama Shelter in Paris and Palazzina Grassi in Venice. Both (surprise, surprise!) designed by Philippe Starck.

Room from Palazzina Grassi. ALL WHITE!- kind of reminds me of the MM Suite, doesn't it??

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  1. The couch looks like the "living room portait" of Mae West designed by Salvador Dali.

    It looks like the perfect room for a hitchconian bloodshed video, jaja.

    Let me know when you arrive to Madrid for a new years eve drunken bis.