Sunday, April 11, 2010


I saw it last night while I was in a cab. Going to a club. And I sent a shout to the heavens. Maybe more of a squeak-shout combination. I freaked the taxi driver out. So today I went back to get the 'proof'. And now I'm sending a digital shout to the web heavens. Wherever that may be.

LADURÉE is opening in Milan!. Apparently soon. Sadly not soon enough! Because I'm leaving in a week. And it sucks! Had it opened a year ago.... it would've been a beautiful affair. Ladurée and me. Inseparable. Well, I guess we'll always have Paris.

I LOVE MACARONS! ....and their gorgeous little boxes. If you want to buy your way into my heart... then that is a good place to start : )

(Special projects)

So, the Boutique, or maybe Café, will be located in via Spadari. Yeap... right in front on Peck. Do I hear competition??....Game on!

I'm dreaming. I'm drooling.

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