Monday, April 26, 2010

Arrivederci Milano!

Time really flies! they say, 'specially when you're having fun'. It feels like not so long ago when I first got to Milan, and now I am already gone...

Milan is not necessarily an easy city to understand. Things don't always go smoothly (more like rarely!). And every now and then you might feel like punching someone in the the face (seriously!). It is definitely not the great fashion metropolis that people that have never been there imagine it to be. It is in fact fairly small...

Oh yes.. and the concept of Luxuy, it is WAY WAY overly used! I ended up hating the word during my first moths in Milan.

But as time goes by you realize that the city DOES beat to the rhythm of fashion... and design. Just in a very different way that you might have expected. People in Milan live and breathe fashion (I guess it makes sense, you have to believe it to sell it... Sell it to the world!)... for better or for worse!. You can find the most amazing women, in the most amazing outfits, with the most amazing (stiletto) shoes, going all smoothly about the city in their bikes (like that was an easy thing to pull off!)... or in their motorinos (or course!). But more often than not, what you usually end up running into in the streets is the opposite of that... the overly tan girl, with overly fake blond hair, with overly tight 'sexy' clothes, with too many brands on top. Yes... the fashion dystopia! Come to think of it, I kinda miss it now! It was way too much fun to watch! (no...I'm not usually this mean!)

DUOMO: (I took these pics on my last day there!)

But all in all, I did meet some of the coolest people. Went to some of the coolest parties. Bought, well, some really cool stuff. And DEFINITELY learned so much more about fashion... and design!

Like I said, it is not necessarily an easy city to get... but if you truly want to understand fashion and design (... as a system... as a business), it is a place you need to stop by.

I will miss it. In some ways. Some times. : )

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