Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NOWNESS: Love/Don't Love

There is a new Content Site in town: NOWNESS
Created by LVMH (instead of the deceased eLuxury), it is a site dedicated to "inform and inspire". Giving its visitors- through specially curated (and exclusive) content, a unique experience..... carrying the concept of luxury beyond product categories (according to Kamel Ouadi, EVP Digital of NOWNESS in an interview with BOF). In short (...I guess...): A highly-curated gift.

...You can read more about it on the Business of Fashion

So off I went to investigate, and the first short film I found there was this:
Aanteni- A "High-fashion techno-thriller" created by Rodarte and photographer and video artist Todd Cole.

I just love the Space-and-beyond-lava-lamp title graphics!...

You can follow this link to the film and a project's brief description.

I think it is an outstanding collaboration... None of that cheap showing-the-products-on-closeup nonsense (Even Dior with "The Lady Noir Affair" fell into that). This is what Fashion Films should be- An exploration of the genre. Something more artistic and less advertising.

The other short film I found on NOWNESS is Mean to Me, a 12-minute film noir written and directed by David McDermott and Peter McGough, starting Agyness Deyn wearing Zac Posen's costumes.

Well you know how people are always skeptical about models' ability to act....no need to worry, Agyness pulls off quite an impressive performance!

I haven't been able to find it on Youtube, but you can check out a trailer and read more about it here. ( I really wish NOWNESS had embedding options!)

I am definitely liking the site. The content is basically images or videos. These are not articles, so it doesn't take too much time (or effort) to go through them. Pretty pictures. Interesting concepts. Unique.


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