Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Moschino No No!

As mentioned many times before, I love Moschino. So, obviously, I had been waiting for quite a while now for the brand's hotel- Maison Moschino, to open (... it was originally due around April/09). It finally opened its doors during Milano Fashion Week, for the Cheap & Chic show.... followed by a music event DJed by Asia Argento (cool!).

So my friend (L) and I made plans to go have lunch there this weekend to check it out.... and as we headed towards Viale Monte Grappa 12, we couldn't have foreseen all the things that would go wrong!...

First impressions were good. The hotel is much larger than I expected. Meaning: Some Serious Investment. Now I understand why it took that long to open (Considering last year's economy etc etc...). Once in, we were directed towards Il Clandestino... according to the website, a sushi restaurant.

Decoration-wise.... well, the back of the chairs were dresses (like the first bedroom photo) that was cute. The rest of it was very simple. Comparing notes afterwards, both my friend and I had felt that it looked like the breakfast area in hotels (... you know, were the breakfasts are included), it definitely didn't feel like a restaurant. Bummer. Specially because the hotel had promised to deliver a "Fairy Tale Experience"....perhaps in the bedrooms, they do look pretty!

Food-wise... there wasn't any sushi!. So my friend asked for a Ceasar Salad and what arrived was like 2 pieces of lettuce! (Seriously.... we both tried really hard not to laugh out loud!).... in hindsight, I should've taken a photo of it. Also, I asked for an Apple Martini and instead I got something that tasted like watered-down mouth wash. Yuck!. I usually have no problems finishing my drinks....but this one, I just couldn't!

The staff were very friendly and all....but after that pointlessly expensive lunch, I didn't really feel like staying around taking more photos (So I'm adding a few ones from the hotel's website).

[...I understand that if a brand's core business is positioned within the luxury segment, then there is a certain pricing policy that follows. In perfumes, food, furniture, whatever. But having the price, but not translating the quality can be really bad for a brand's image. So... I really hope Moschino food improves over time]


Maison Moschino façade on Love Moschino Tote:
Making it a brand icon??....It reminds me of Fendi Palazzo!

Moving on...

On our way back to the center (... and as far away as we could get from that dreadful lunch experience), we passed by Moroso and decided to go in for a bit. I was first introduced to the brand back when I lived in NY, through its Greene St. showroom in Soho... basically in front of MOSS, the super cool design gallery and store. That was years ago so I guess I've been a Moroso fan for quite a while now...

Well... in short, going to a Moroso showroom is always like falling into a little wonderland. It makes you feel like a kid again... and it makes you want to have a funky house to put all that funky furniture in. By the way, the brand is also doing the DIESEL Furniture Collection ( about "Successful Living"

Tropicalia by Patricia Urquiola
Shadowy by Tord Boontje
Fergana by Patricia Urquiola
And at the end... well, I really hate watching movies in anything but their original language... and Italian-dubbed movies piss me off in particular. The voices are always so annoying!
...But this was Alice in Wonderland, in 3D! So of course I had to go and experience it. It was so cool! Duhh it's Tim Burton!. And as you can see, I was having so much fun with the shades... I wish I could've taken them home. I'm also hoping that not so far away in the future, I can watch movies (... or anything else for that matter) in 3D from my computer.

Here is a video I didn't know existed... A DIESEL teaser for the brand's furniture, lightning and textile collections which were launched during last year's Salone del Mobile in Milano:

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