Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs Has Arrived!

Finally Marc by Marc Jacobs opened. Last week in fact. It is located in Piazza del Carmine as mentioned before, and my suspicions about a possible Café turned out to be right. So cool!

So of course I made plans to go and investigate (...part of my new weekend-blogger-dutties!). It was a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon in Milan and my friend (L) and I were having delicious fragola ice-creams while walking there. Yes, Spring has arrived!. So.... I sorta kinda forgot to take pictures of the outside of the store! But I'll be going back with friends this week. Not to worry.

The store is about 3,132 square-feet, and was designed by architect Stephan Jaklitsch. It was packed on Sunday (both the store and the Café/Bar areas), and it's definitely a fun place. It has of course apparel on the racks in the back, but that's just a small part of it. I think about 70% of the stuff in there consists of fun and cute cheap little things. From hair accessories, to heart-shaped purse mirrors, plastic metallic purses for about 20 Euros....and rain boots that cost like 26 Euros as well. I think it's genius. You might not be able to buy a pair of MJ jeans (around 200 Euros) that often..... but you will for sure be coming back for a cute umbrella, a bracelet, a silk-screened beach tote or a dvd.

So I feel like the idea here is not to be just another fashion shop. They could have found a location closer to via Montenapoleone for that, but to be a weekend destination. People hang out around Brera (not necessarily for shopping- which takes me back to how smart it is to sell cheap fun thingys).... and what is more typical Italian than having drinks or coffee (weather permitting) out in the piazza? I think it is a more unique proposition, simply because they are acknowledging and including the local culture. It is not only a Marc by MJ store, it is Marc by MJ in Milano.

When you are inside, well the design of the store is very much like the one on the West Village in NY. Of course, it has to follow the same retail identity. But when you are outside, this villagy store is surrounded by an Italian Piazza, next to (maybe Reinaissance period?) Italian Chiesa ( in church) and located within a naples-yellow Milanese Palazzo ( in building). I like the contrast! and I promise to take and post more pictures later.

The Lola perfume ring. When you open it there is the solid version of the fragrance. Cute!...and it costs around 20-something Euros. By the way, I also like the little book-shop area there! You can find photography/design/art/ fashion books, DVDs and a few other random thingys.

Fun cheap things:

For the time being, I only bought this lipstick-shaped pen. Perfect for carrying it around in your purse.....and it only costs 1 Euro! lol!

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