Monday, March 22, 2010

Magazine Massacre Part Due

Continuing with my getting-rid-of-a-year's-worth-in-Wallpaper*-magazines-because-I'm-moving, here are some more spreads I loved and saved:

Wallpaper* December 2009. Issue 129:

Remember last year's CDG ad campaign? It's so so cool! [of course it is]. I still NEED to find out who's the illustrator....

Rocket Yule: Photos by Henry Bourne. Food by chef Mark Hix

I would so LOVE to blow these images up and use them as wallpaper! How cool would that be?!

Wallpaper* September 2009. Issue 126:

Collage!... Just like Polyvore. But WAAAY better! : )
Paper Doll: Photography by Arnaud Pyvka. Styling by Arabella Mills. Collages by Patrick Waugh

...I totally threw away the rest of this Issue so I don't know who the stylist or the photographer of this shoot are.... But I had to include this spread anyways since it is such an incredible shot. It has this Dutch-painting quality.... a chiaroscuro. With the light coming diagonally from the side, it brings to mind the work of Vermeer (Girl With a Pearl Earring anyone?). Except the girl in this image is wearing an ultra-edgy and almost neon-colored outfit (and makeup). No pearl earring- just pearl heels. I also love the hot-orange lipstick. I've been obsessing about that color for months, so seeing this photo finally inspired me to go and pay a visit to the nearest MAC store. It's name is MORANGE. It's awesome. You should try it some time!

I'm inspired!...are you?

PROOF!... Me tearing and segmenting away pages from this and last year's magazines (It got messier as the night went on):

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