Thursday, March 18, 2010

Iceberg Ahead

I know I'm posting this about a week too late.... but something HAD to be written about it anyways!
Not much to add except that despite appearances, it wasn't one solid block of ice, it was many. With a total of 240 tons of ice (or "snice"...Snow-Ice) brought in by tractor-trailers to the Grand Palais, all the way down from Sweden.

More on it on this NYTimes article by Guy Trebay

So as soon as I heard the rumors of such a stunt.... I went on to search for the show...

Photo taken from

... and since I couldn't find it either on Chanel's website or Youtube Channel (or Youtube in general)...I went to iTunes and finally found a teaser.
(Maybe I'm a complete retard and the video IS on their website....but I swear I couldn't find it!)

In case you didn't know, Chanel has about 4 Podcasts, but I'm still disappointed that you can only get 1-2 mins teasers... instead of the complete shows. Why why why?

From the moment I saw the iceberg installation I was sold. It was truly amazing. Yet I still can't help but to feel a little sad about this, er.., frivolous? use of fresh water... I wonder where the melted iceberg went to?

.... Finally found the teaser/intro on Youtube:

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