Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dirty Dirty Dancing

Miami's WMC is this week, so I am a little sad and little pissed and a little annoyed that I had to stay behind this time around. I'm trapped (or stuck?) in Italy for now. Well I guess I can't complain...

But there will be no early-morning dancing or special party-outfits-planning for me this March. Boohoo. I do miss (GOOD) electronic music. So i'm there in spirit these days : )

... and all this party thinking got me to remember this great Club Photographer: Alistar Allan. I discovered him back in the day (circa 2007)... during the cool and crazy days of London's BoomBox Parties. This is around the time when Agyness Deyn appeared on the fluorescent-multicolored cover of POP magazine that read: RAVE (I have been addicted to POP ever since!). An issue that included an interview with the club's promoter Richard Moritment and an entire editorial dedicated to Cassette Playa, who was just on her way up...

I was a club kid myself in NY back then... and minimal-techno was still new and exciting, oh and who can forget about Justice and later on Hercules and Love Affair?!... ahh those where the days!. But back to what I was saying- You can find Alistar's super cool club photography on his website:

The people. The makeup. The clothes. The parties!!. If I was in charge of creating an ad campaign for some cool fashion brand, I would sooo give the guy a call. In a heart beat.

I'm adding a few photos here. A mix from different parties. From Ponystep in Paris to older ones from BoomBox, which sadly ceased to exist sometime around the end of 2007 or the beginning of 2008. To bad, but as my mom would say: "De lo bueno, poco"... Not that I necessarily agree with that : P

...I wonder where those club kids are now? And I will definitely be crossing my fingers and opening up my schedule for the Conference next year!

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