Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colour Codes by SWATCH

With MFW over, here's a little multicoloured fun:
To celebrate (and promote!) the launch of 80's inspired Colour Codes Collection, SWATCH has partnered up with 7 of the most iconic fashion-forward glossies to interpret across 3 spreads (and re-set) this multicoloured trend.

The challenge?: These 7 takes on the new collection are put down to the test as fans can go to the magazines' websites ( AnOther, DAZED, iD, NYLON, POP, V, Wallpaper*) and cast a vote for their favorite shoot. According to SWATCH.com, 100 readers who voted for the winner will receive a SWATCH Colour Codes Watch.

My favorite?: Well, I might be POP's biggest fan, but I'm going to go with V this time!... closely followed by Wallpaper * and AnOther in 3rd place. But that's just a matter of taste. They are all rockin'

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