Friday, March 19, 2010

Ashish Gupta

Sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins. That is how Ashish describes his design signatures on the London Fashion Week website. So far, I like!

....but it took me many days of Google-ing my way around the web to find out his name.

I receive a few times per week a newsletter from WGSN, which is kind of pointless because if I click on it I can not access any of the articles. This is because last year everyone in my masters program was given a student-version subscription.... which of course no longer stands. I just don't know why I keep getting the newsletters!. Anyways....a couple of weeks ago, this image was included in the newsletter, but with no captions, no name, nothing!:
I just fell in love with these evil Mickeys!.... Crazy in Love!. So the search began. How do you search for an image with no name?!

...until finally I randomly ended up in some Swedish fashion blog where this look was included. Needless to say, it still took me a bit longer to figure out which was the designer's name, since the writer of that blog had decided never to use uppercase anything. So after searching for a few possible words in Goggle, I finally ended up with the name- Ashish, at last!

I (really) love patterns, illustrations and strong colors. So naturally, it didn't take too long for me to become a fan of his work. It's so fresh and fun and funky. Totally London! ....and totally london-clubbing scene/ days of Boombox inspired.

Going through his previous collections, I can definitely recognize a few looks I'd seen before. I just didn't know they were his. So here are some of my favorite looks:

AW 2010-11:
SS 2010:
AW 2009-10:
All images taken from via

...all this search made me wonder if in a few years from now we could actually Google images. How could would that be?.....Pattern recognition something I suppose...

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