Sunday, February 21, 2010

YSL Strawberries A/W 10-11

It was Carnevale in Milano this past Saturday, meaning that the center- Duomo, was packed with people. Specially cute little bambini all dressed up in their animals, princesses and superheroes costumes. And balloons.... lots and lots of balloons! Me and my friend kept getting attacked by a mean Unicorn. There was nowhere to scape, yet we were on a mission!

With every season, YSL launches a Manifesto []- A video chronicle of the new collection's campaign. The photos are always taken by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, and every season brings a new supermodel (Gisele, Kate, Naomi and so on). For this one: A/W 2010-11, is Natalia Vodianova's turn. If you haven't seen the previous ones, then you should definitely do it! (You can find them on the same website- on Archive).

But most importantly (at least for this post) is that since last year, part of the Manifesto campaign includes YSL giving away silk-screened-totes and posters in "select fashion capitals". Thanks to WWD, I knew that on FEB 20 the brand was going to distribute about half a million copies of their catalog (and the Strawberry totes!) on the streets of London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Berlin (They were distributed in NY during its Fashion Week). So, taking a while guess, we headed towards via Montenapoleone.

As we began to get closer, the more people we could see carrying strawberry envelops! There were strawberries everywhere! I only saw 1 or 2 totes... but managed to get 3 catalogs! (...since I'm a bit of a collector...). How I got all of them might be a little embarrassing to tell, although totally worth it. The only sad thing, though, was to see that so many people had left theirs in the trash!...I was fighting the compulsion to take them all, and thankfully, my friend was able to dissuade me of doing it with just one look : )
I guess some people are into it.....and most aren't. Too bad. But as far as strawberry-collecting goes, it was Mission-Accomplished for us!

I was in for a surprise when I got home and saw what was inside the envelops. At first I thought it was just 1 poster (folded many times), but instead there was a full catalog!.... All the way open, each page is almost 1 meter wide and printed in really-good-quality matte paper. No wonder why they weighted so much!

I think it is an awesome "gift" (and I usually don't use the word awesome!). And since I'll be moving to a new city (... and to a new apartment) soon, I can't wait to frame one Manifesto-Poster and hang it in the living room!

Also, amongst all the content that you can find on, there is a PDF file of the entire catalog. Of course, they look like 2 half images collaged together, but this is because it keeps the order of the printed version (where you get the full image). Still, they look quite cool! But perhaps what I appreciate the most of this website, is that it includes Sharing options. So many brands forget (or don't want) to include them, even when it's beyond clear by now how essential they are.

Here are a few screen-shots from the film. It reminds me a little of the 80's ( side of the decade though)- With images overlapping (remember those old MTV videos?), the geometric shapes in clothes, strong composition and colors and hard shadows.

Changing the subject a little bit....
Along with bambini, confetti and strawberries, the streets of Milano where also invaded by another brand.

The Sonia Rykiel collection for H&M finally came out! might have been out for a few days already for all I know, but it was this Saturday that I spotted people all over the city carrying the pink shopping bags. As the graphic-design-in-fashion geek that I am, I had to have one! So I went in and bought myself a multicolored stripy scarf. Well, I didn't buy it just for the bag... I wanted to keep something from that collection because I really like Sonia Rykiel, but most of the clothes I felt would look better on 14 year-old girls. Not me. Hence, just the scarf : )

Seriously.... isn't the design the cutest!

So for Milanese kids, Carnevale means 2 things: Dressing-up and Party! And that's exactly what I did that night... xx

Here is the complete Manifesto:

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