Monday, February 15, 2010

Tonight Matthew...

Tonight Matthew is a newly released fashion video created by Nick Knight. Not much more to add to this except that it's fun. And I'm surprised to see that more and more fashion videos- Like YSL's Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing and Chanel's Vol de Jour, are using humor (Albeit in a silly and/or lighthearted way). Haute Couture and humor...who would've thought! But I'm loving it. Maybe with this final ingredient, fashion videos can become more "viral"- Or at least more accessible to a wider audience (Obviously anything with the name Lady Gaga on it will probably be seen a couple of hundred times more...but that's a subject for another post).
Anyways, this video looks like it's more of a side project from SHOWstudio than part of an "Online Communication Strategy" from Gareth Pugh, but still I appreciate the playful nature of it. And, as always, Pugh's clothes filmed against a flat-white background look absolutely stunning!

The second video- PROCESS, documents the entire process behind Gareth Pugh's creation of a Couture piece.
Long, but interesting.

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